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Vitamin D: The 10 Healthy Foods you have to know For “D Vitamin”

Vitamin D also called as “25 hydroxyvitamin D (25 hydroxycholecalciferol)”. Vitamin D has many more benefits it is very good for bone health, also recently few researches confirmed that it has other benefits too. Those are Vitamin D protects against cold and it fighting with depression.

As per the Institute of Medicine research it is proved that most of the people get enough vitamin D.

Generally everyone will get Vitamin D from sunlight, if you are not able to spend much time in sunlight here are the another alternatives to get more vitamin D.

1.Get Enough Vitamin D from Sunlight

Get Enough Vitamin D from Sunlight

When sunlight touch the body vitamin D will be produced, but due to the skin cancer issues it is not a recommended. “If anybody is going to get vitamin D it is better to take about 20 to 25 minutes” says Stephen Honig, MD, director of the Osteoporosis Center.

2.Eat Fatty Fish

Eat Fatty Fish

Eating fatty fish will give enough vitamin D and it is very good resource. These are the list of fishes which has good amount of vitamin D.

  • Salmon
  • Trout
  • Mackerel
  • Tuna
  • Eel

In this fishes you will get an extra benefit that is heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

3.Canned Tuna Fish

Canned Tuna Fish

Fresh fish will not only the option to increase vitamin D levels in your body, Canned tuna fish also give better enough vitamin D. Canned tuna fish is less cost than fresh fish.

Canned light tuna contains more D vitamin, about 150 IUs per 4 ounces while canned albacore tuna has about 50 IUs per 4 ounces, and canned sardines have a little more than 40 IUs per two sardines.



Same like humans when sunlight falls on mushrooms they produce vitamin D. Generally mushrooms grew in dark so it doesn’t contain any vitamins but particularly few brands grow mushrooms in ultraviolet light. So, This UV rays motivate to produce vitamin D in mushrooms.

In market Dole’s Portobello mushrooms available in stores. Dole’s Portobello mushrooms are very good food for vegetarians and also it contain very good amount of vitamins. 1 Cup of diced mushrooms contains 400 IUs vitamin D per 3-ounce serving.

5.Pure Milk

Pure Milk

All types of cow’s milk contain good amount of vitamin D, but not ice cream and cheese.

Generally 100 IUs of D vitamin will be present in an 8-ounces glass of milk, and 80 IUs of D vitamin will be present in 6-ounce yogurt per serving.

Packed soy and rice mils also contain same quantity of vitamin D but it is better to check the label before buying it few packs may not contain vitamin D.

6.Orange Juice

orange juice

Few people not at all like the milk for them go with the fortified orange juice. 100 IUs of vitamin D present in 8-ounce glass of orange juice, this amount varies from brand to brand. All brands may not maintain same quantity of vitamins so it is better to check the label before going to buy.

Florida Natural Orange Juice and Minute Maid Kids+ Orange Juice these both brands maintains 100 IUs Vitamin D per 8-ounce per serving.

7.Vitamin D Supplements


Vitamin D will not only available in foods it is also available in the market as supplements. “If you think that UV rays cause you to cancer you can take vitamin D supplements as daily dose. It is not like a calcium to take every day, you can also take all at one time.” says Dr.Honing. In general taking anything high quantity is toxic, it applies to vitamin D too.

A research institute sets the upper limit at 4,000 IUs for people aged 9 and above, It is the combination of all the source food, sun and supplements.

Before going to take Supplements please consult a doctor for dose.

8.Egg Yolks

egg yolk

Egg is the better way to get vitamin D, it is very convenient to eat as well as less cost. In egg white part contains vitamin D but only taking white part in egg is not good use whole egg. Every time don’t prefer egg to get vitamin D, single egg gives you about 200 milligrams cholesterol.

American Heart Association recommends that it is not good for heart, taking more than 300 milligrams. As egg is very comfortable food people prefer it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

9.Beef liver

beef liver

This is not a better choice to choose to get vitamin D, beef liver contains more cholesterol. 3.5-ounce cooked beef liver contains about 50 IUs Vitamin D. Beef liver also contains iron, vitamin A and other nutrients.

Instead of choosing beef liver it is better to go with oily fish.

10.Ultraviolet bulbs and lamps

UV Bulbs

People who are suffering from heavy problem with vitamin D, they can replace to UV rays emitting lamps or bulbs from normal bulbs. Skin cancer problems are there with this kind of bulbs and should use eye wear.

It is better to follow the doctor recommendation before going with this method.

If you have any better suggestions please feel free to share your comments, So that we can learn more about the topic.

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