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Top 3 Reasons Why Lash Extensions Are A Must Have

Women who value beauty and makeup should get permanent lash extensions as soon as possible. Women worldwide have been doing extensions ever since 1916, and nowadays we are only experiencing some of the best treatments on the market. If you want to find out why you should get them done any time soon, and if you are uncertain are they for you, here are the top 3 reasons why they are a must-have!

  1. A Huge Variety

Adjusting a lash set per your eye shape and your preference can get hard. Luckily,  nowadays, there is a huge variety that women can go for. When choosing your perfect lashes you can go for either silk or mink extensions, and you can go for classic or extreme (Russian) volume. When getting your lashes done, your beauty esthetician will ask you what your preference is. Make sure you speak openly since only then you will get your wanted outcome.

Another great thing about lash extensions is that they are not too expensive. You can get them done once a month and still have a flawless and perfect looking outcome. However, make sure you trust your chosen salon and your lash lady, since this way you will get your own customized and perfect outcome.

Top 3 Reasons Why Lash Extensions Are A Must Have.

  1. Extensions Are Sweatproof And Waterproof

Are you someone who spends a lot of your free time at the gym, outdoor, by the pool, or at any steamy rooms? Women who go to the gym on an everyday basis can enjoy their eyelash extensions at any given point. The best part is that you can be worry-free while running on the treadmill or doing any of your sweaty activities. You can also say bye-bye to smeared mascaras and smudged under eyes since lash extensions will have your back! They are very sturdy and are of high quality while being sweatproof and waterproof.

Also, even if you are off to your Summer holiday or vacation you shouldn’t be worried about them failing you. Lashes can survive unwanted and high heat, sun exposure, your tanning sessions, swimming water, pool water etc.

  1. Low Maintenance & Time-Saving Solution

The best part about lash extensions is that you can look fabulous at any given point while not investing a lot of your free time into your makeup look. Lash extensions only need to stay away from any oil-based products. If you avoid this you will have a long-lasting pair for weeks to come!

Also, another great thing about these lashes is that they are a time-saving option. You can change your entire beauty and morning routine with them and still look your best. No need to carry any mascaras, lashes, shadows, eyeliners, or lash curlers – your extensions will look good on their own! Make sure you get some additional beauty sleep early in the morning and only apply a bit of your BB cream over your face. Lash extensions will give you that natural and effortless beauty look.


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