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The 10 Terrible Facts About Soda You Never Heard

The 10 Terrible Facts About Soda You Never Heard

Regularly eatable food items and Cool Drinks without knowing to us they will harm to our body.

Most of us don’t know that soda is very bad for health; it contains harmful ingredients which causes various health diseases. To say truth about soda it doesn’t contains any nutritional values.

Below are the few health problems causes due to soda

1.Soda stores fat everywhere in body

Soda stores fat everywhere in body

Recent day’s soda industry heard a bad news, the people who are drinking non-diet soda, Fat is increasing rapidly around liver and skeletal muscles these two will contributes to diabetes and insulin resistance.

Danish research revealed unbelievable facts about soda, the people who drank 6 months soda daily, in their body liver fat increased 132 to 142 percent, skeletal fat increased 117 to 221 percent and 30 percent fat stored in other body organs and triglyceride blood. Compared to other people who drink water and milk, the people who drink soda in their body led to 11 percent increase in cholesterol.

2.It increases belly fat rapidly

It increases belly fat rapidly

A research proved that drinking diet soda will cause to gain more weight. University of Texas Health Science Centre conducted a research on 475 adults for the period of 10 years,and monitored 70 percent fat stored around the waist over the ten years research, compare to those who didn’t drink any kind of soda. 500 percent waist size increased with the people who drank 2 diet sodas per day.

The another study explained due to drinking soda, blood glucose levels are increased which caused the weight increase.

3.Drinking soda will cause to cancer

Drinking soda will cause to cancer

The colas both diet and regular which are in the color brown contains artificial caramel. In the year 2011 a non-profit organization petitioned the food and drug administration to ban man made caramel coloring which is used in brown colas.

This caramel color contains formaldehyde and potassium benzoate which causes different types of cancers and these chemical are usually mixed in diet sodas.

4.Soda consumption will causes to accelerate aging

Soda consumption will causes to accelerate aging

All types of cola drinks contain phosphates, or phosphoric acid, even meat, dairy and nuts contains those acids but taking too much phosphoric acid will cause to kidney diseases, heart diseases and another study revealed that consumption of soda could trigger accelerated aging.

FASEB Journal published in 2010 , the lab rats which had excessive phosphate level are died a five weak before than the rats which had normal phosphate level. According to the increased popularity on colas, cola manufacturers increased the level of using phosphoric acid in beverages.

5.Soda makes water pollution

Soda makes water pollution

Usually the natural sweeteners after entering into the body will breakdowns in to the calories but artificial sweeteners which are used in the sodas will not break down in our bodies.

In the year 2009 Switzerland scientists tested water samples from rivers and lakes found level of acesulfame K, sucralose, and saccharin, all these chemicals are used in diet sodas. A recent research found that sucralose in water has the habit of feeding organisms.

6.It Kills Hormones

It Kills Hormones

Soda is not only soda it is also a problem creator. All the aluminium cans which are used to store the beverages that cans contains an epoxy resin called bisphenol A (BPA), it is used to avoid reacting with the can metal and the acids with are present in the soda. BPA is known to interact with the hormones to infertility, diabetes, obesity and some kinds of reproductive cancers.

7.Every year thousands of Birds are dying

Every year thousands of Birds are dying

Till now we discussed about cans, now just switch to the bottles era. In the year 2009 a photographer named chris Jordan visited midway atoll. It is very near to “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” where the bottle caps and waste plastic debris will be duped. By mistake the water animals are eating the large quantity of plastic and finally due to digesting problem every year thousands of birds and water animals are dying.

8.GMOs makes unidentified side effects to the humans

GMOs makes unidentified side effects to the humans

Once have looks at ingredients which are used in the soda, 90 percent of them are made from corns. The Corns which have been using in soda are grown in U.S. In U.S 88 percent of the corns are grown using toxic pesticides.

Scientists researched and found that genetically modified crops are very harmful to not even for humans but also for animals. Soda damages digestive system, accelerates aging, causes to cancer, kidney problems, heart diseases and many more.

9.Soda causes to asthma

Soda causes to asthma

To increase the life time of soda sodium benzoate is used; it has been linked to asthma. Do you know every day in U.S 11 people are dying due to asthma, and also it causes to painful skin rashes.

10.Tooth decay due to Acids

Tooth decay due to Acids

As previously discussed soda contains phosphoric acid it dissolves the enamel in teeth, it leads to tooth decay and it causes to teeth fall out.

Quit  for your favorite drinks is little difficult, but keep the future in your mind and avoid using soda in your daily life slowly.

Are you a soda lover ? Do you experience any kind of issues with soda? Just share your thought in comment so that every one will know about soda use.

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