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How the Ketogenic Diet Can Help with Weight Loss

How the Ketogenic Diet Can Help with Weight Loss

It seems that every week there are new recommendations for the best type of diet to follow. First, it is paleo, then it is plant-based; sometimes you hear high fat, other times low fat, and then it is low carbohydrate. And don’t forget about the high protein diet recommendations. But at some point, we need to cut through all of the noise and understand the diet, not based on trend, but based on the scientific support behind it. Read More

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Gone are the days when people were not concerned about their health. People nowadays are well aware and conscious. They know that to live long and well, a life without a bulging belly and giant highs is a must. But right is never easy and so is losing weight; in fact, losing weight seems to be almost impossible for few of us while for others it is not that big deal.

People who find it hard to lose weight often are de-motivated and end up eating more, hence weight gain. But this is where they are wrong, and people fail to understand that there are several reasons for this problem and for your information, they are mentioned below. Read More

How to look younger than your age

How to Look Younger than Your Age

Introduction Ageing gracefully is a thing and you can be one of those women who don’t seem to get affected by the age thing. That’s apart from the endless amount of plastic surgery. There are ways you can naturally beat the clock of time without unnecessary surgery. Everybody desires to stay young and most women want to look beautiful forever… or more realistically, for a long time.
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5 Simple Diet Changes to Boost Your Weight Loss

Do you know dieting is the simplest and most natural way to lose weight? The daily calorie intake of your body leads to excess fat build up in your body. When you intake high-calorie food items, the amount of fat built up in your body increases consistently. Hence, you can easily change your food habits to lose weight by reducing caloric intake. However, you cannot lose weight simply by eating diet foods or skipping meals. Your weight loss plan must focus on determining the amount of calories required by your body to function smoothly, and convert the calorie surplus into calorie deficit. Also, you have to include a variety of weight loss friendly foods and remove high-calorie foods from your regular diet to lose weight by reducing caloric intake. Read More

Best Time saving and burn calories foods

Best Time saving and burn calories foods

It’s time to make lifestyle changes so you can stay active in the coming years. Research shows that it’s not too late for smart food choices and other good health habits, like being physically active, to help reduce your risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis and the disability that can result from them. Making wise food choices as you grow older might be easier than you think. ­ Read More

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