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Symptoms you need to eat more fat in your diet and Why fat is important?

Symptoms you need to eat more fat in your diet and Why fat is important?

Fat is one of the nutrition requirements of our body. We generally avoid fat containing foods but do you know fat is equally important for your body? It supplies energy to our body. Different people requires different amount of fat in their body. And it is important to know what exact quantity of fat is required by your body. This article is made for you so that you understand fat requirement for your body and take steps accordingly. Read more to know more about fats, types of fat, how to gain exact fat and sign that you require more fat in your diet.

Fat-classification, types and composition

Fat is one of the main nutrients of our body besides carbohydrates and proteins. It contains esters, oil, lipids and fatty acids. Fat serves for both structural and metabolical functions of our body. Fats and oils are categorized according to the number and bonding of the carbon atoms in the aliphatic chain. Fats are two type- saturated fats and unsaturated fats.  Unsaturated fats are again classified as mono saturated fats, poly saturated fats and Trans-fats. Mono saturated fats are every requirement of our body.  Fat is the source of essential fatty acid which is required for proper and healthy diet. It maintains the nourishment of hair and skin, insulates body organism against shocks, maintains body temperature and also promotes healthy cell function.

Why fat is important for your diet?

Fat is an essential component of nutrition that is required by our body. Here are few points which will clear your concept about why fat is important for your body.

  • Fat is important for normal digestion. Fat is not soluble in blood. So, fat is stored and broken down through multiple processes of stomach and intestine. After the food is completely digested, fat stored serves as an energy material thus satiating us for long time.
  • Fat is not soluble in blood. So far works as a transporting system. It transports other nutrients of the body across the cell membranes.
  • Fat is used for conversion. Our body utilizes the fat to active the hormones and build immune system.
  • Between meals, when food is not available, fat breaks down supplying energy to our body.
  • Fat is also utilized by nervous system. Axon, a part of neuron that transmits electrical signal is made up of 80% lipids and fat that is provided by diet.
  • Fat nourishes skin and hair growth thus keeping it healthy and glowing throughout the day.

Signs that you will need more fat in your diet

Now you know why fat is important for your body. But question lies how you will find whether you have sufficient fat in your diet or not. Here are some signs discussed so that you can find whether you body has sufficient fat.

  • Do you have Dry skin? Fat helps to keep our skin nourished and glowing. Sebum is body’s natural moisturizer which is fat in nature. If you see you skin gradually becoming dry, at once understand you need more fat in your diet. Some of the fats come from our own body stores, while others have to come from the diet, especially if we’re not actively losing body fat or we don’t have much to spare. Increasing fat intake, then, is a painless, simple way to potentially improve your skin’s moisture levels.
  • Blackouts and feeling off: A person reduces carb intake to lose weight without even realizing the fact that they need to increase their consumption of fat to make up for some of the missing energy that are required. They begin to lose weight, but the exhaustion, lack of energy, malaise, and headaches make it hard to stick to the plan. Gradually the person falls off and becomes victim of black outs. If such symptoms happen understand that you have lack of fat and add some more fat to your diet.
  • Is your physical performance lagging? Fat supplies us energy. Also, without sufficient intake of saturated fats, testosterone production decreases. And without enough testosterone, you muscles will remain under developed. Moreover physical performance will lag behind since your body will not get sufficient energy to perform them. So if at any e you feel lack of energy understand that you need some more diets.
  • Are you suffering from joint ache? Achy joints can mean a lot of things. You could have poor mobility, improper movement mechanics, and tight surrounding musculature and fascia. A kind of fatty fluid is present between the joints which resists the bone from friction. If you feel pain at joints and you are not suffering from any disease like arthritis then understand that you are suffering through lack in fat intake.
  • Are you hungry all the time? Hunger means you are craving for more food. But even after intake of sufficient amount of food, you feel your appetite rising in every 3 to 4 hours; it is a sign that you require more fat in your diet.
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