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Weight Loss Tips

Simple Weight Loss Nutrition Dieting Tips

How many diets have you tried in order to lose weight? Did you manage to follow all the rules and eliminate all the unhealthy foods from your diet? The majority of us have been frustrated by diets that promise miracles overnight. What is important right now is to transform your unhealthy diet to healthy food that will accelerate your fat loss. The focus should be on changing your dietary behavior by making the right food choices, which lead to adopting good habits for the rest of your life.

Start consuming whole foods


A whole food is a food whose only ingredient is that food. These are foods in their original form with very high nutrient content. For example, tomatoes, grass-fed beef and chicken, strawberries, pastured eggs, organically produced spinach, avocado, etc. Do not buy pre-packaged processed foods which contain many artificial ingredients and food additives. Invest your time on buying good quality local foods that are nutrient dense. Whole foods will give you all the vitamins and minerals you need to improve your body to burn more fats.

Change your cooking oil


Vegetable oils in your grocery stores are not a good choice for burning fat. These oils go through a 5-step process which destroys all the good nutrients and fats for healthy living. During this processing, good fat in the oil is transformed into bad fats that are damaging to our gut and metabolic system. Choose coconut oil for cooking.It contains good fats that will speed up your fat burning for effective weight loss.

What about the milk?


Milk that you buy from your grocery store contains hormones and antibiotics that farmers give to animals to protect them from diseases and increase yields.  Milk from these grain-fed animals cause damage to your gut and contribute in slowing your body from burning fat. Milk we buy from shops is also pasteurized, and during this process most of the key properties we need such as enzymes and probiotics are lost. This is the main reason why many people are unable to digest milk. Buy milk made from pastured-animals.

simple weight loss tips

Take baby steps and replace these foods that are preventing your body from burning fat. This is the most effective way of losing weight without following all the diets rules, which are difficult to maintain. Reclaim your health by focusing on these few steps until your body is reset to burn more fats.


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