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Proven Ways to Lose Your Muffin Top

Proven Ways to Lose Your Muffin Top

How To Get Rid Of an Embarrassing Muffin Top:

Getting rid of a muffin top can be hard, I am sure that you have been searching everywhere on the internet to help you get rid of this embarrassing problem.  Try out these proven methods that I personally followed to finally get rid of  your muffin top. As warm and cuddly as it sounds, a muffin top is not as desirable when it sticks out of the top of your pants or threatens to spill over your favorite pair of jeans. Muffin tops are also notoriously difficult to lose, at least if targeted exclusively using ab exercises. However, I know for a fact that a little work goes a long way and that muffin tops can be conquered and kept as far away from your waistline as possible. Learn how to get rid of muffin top like I did with these tricks:

Get Rid Of Muffin Top Like I Did Burn the Belly Fat:

before and after - Proven Ways to Lose Your Muffin Top

Muffin tops are composed of extra layers of fat in and around your abdominal area. It wraps
around the belly like a doughnut, hence the term spare tire. Just like every type of excess fat on the body, muffin tops must be burned off using cardio exercises. Cardio requires the body to use up fuel to help burn fat. This fuel comes in the form of burning excess fat. Exercises such as power walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming and aerobics increases the heart rate and improves circulation. Pick a favorite exercise and stick by it or do as I did – use several types of exercises in order to challenge the different muscles of the body and get a fresh workout every time.

Dump the sugar:

Once ingested, sugar is converted into fat and stored. Eat too much and you will have high
reserves of unwanted fat around the waistline in no time. A little goes a long way, so watch how
much sugar you eat on a daily basis. By decreasing the amount of calories you take in, you will
also decrease the extra inches.

Work the curves:

Most people attempt to get rid of muffin tops by using targeted abdominal exercises. As you
probably know by now, these exercises alone will not help achieve the results you want. First of
all, excess fats are best burned off by cardio exercises, the kind that gets the whole body moving. Second, people often make the mistake of exercising the front area of the abdomen but not the sides and back. The trick is to build trim, strong muscles not just in front but also on the back and sides to ensure proper support and achieve a trimmer figure.

Recommended exercises:

belly fat exercises - Proven Ways to Lose Your Muffin Top

A minimum of 40 minutes a day at least 3 times a week to build up resistance and strength, then increase workouts to one hour. Twists work wonders by pulling and conditioning the muscles at the sides and back. Alternate these by stretching out arms and bending to the sides. Keep the spine straight and aligned and do 12 reps each. Want a gentler workout? Go swimming. Water keeps you buoyant but allows you to work out your abdominal muscles efficiently. Do basic kicks in the pool followed by scissor kicks.

Work out laterally:

There is a need to burn fat and build your muscles even when you are not doing anything and this can be accomplished by increasing your metabolic rate. If you happen to increase your muscle mass, it will automatically translate to increased metabolic rates, which makes it possible for you to burn excess fats even when you are relaxed. What you should have in mind is that the muffin top is just an accumulation of fat and nothing more. Cardio alone might take you too much time to see the results, a reason why you should incorporate weight training to increase your muscle mass and ultimately trigger an increased metabolic rate.

Weight training:

bellyfat-How To Get Rid Of an Embarrassing Muffin Top

A number of women have understood and embraced the role of exercise and shedding those extra pounds but they normally engage the muscles of their front body, abs and legs by jogging, crunches, lunges and squats. Unfortunately, they forget one important section- the sides. If you
condition the muscles all around your body, it will significantly reduce the muffin appearance. If
you have never thought of any workout that focuses on the laterals, get into the swimming pool, hold on to the sides and perform a couple of back kicks, precisely in a twists and scissors pattern.

Do something everyday:

It’s tough to get going, but you need to do something each and every day. Laying around on a
couch watching tv shows and snacking on a bag of chips is great,but it’s really affecting your
health. Fitness levels vary and it can be hard for you to find the motivation. This and finding the
time to exercise can be troublesome because of your daily work schedule and running errands.
The best advice I can give is try to find a workout partner and find 30 minutes and work up a
decent sweat. Doing this and drinking water will help detoxify your body.

Get a little help:

There are weight loss products that aid in boosting metabolism, increasing the body’s efficiency in burning off fat. Not all products formulated to trim off fat are safe, though, so it is a good idea to pick one that contains ingredients that do not disrupt the system but are effective in helping you whittle away at the extra curves at the waist.

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