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How to Reduce Weight without Exercise in 7 Days

How to Reduce Weight without Exercise in 7 Days

What will be the reaction if I will tell you how to reduce weight without exercise in 7 days? I know you are thinking it impossible but it is possible because I had reduced. It is not necessary to follow several workout plans for reducing weight. You only need you to follow these and you will get the best results within a week. I had seen many people who work extremely hard in the gym or perform exercises but am not able to achieve their goal. These tips or changes will not only give you a healthier weight but also provides you with many other health benefits.

You can easily see differences in your body shape within 7 days. But sticking to these simple and effective ways is very necessary which I am going to tell you.

Here are some tips –

Green tea

  • Green tea contains many antioxidants and has inflammatory properties.
  • It helps to reduce fat in our body.
  • You may have seen many people who are trying to lose weight drinking green tea.

Cut in calories

  • It is simply that more calories you take fatter you get.
  • So cut some calories from your food daily.
  • But calories should not be below 1300 for one day because it can lead to the deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

Take more protein

  • Eating more protein will give you enough energy to do your daily routine activities.
  • It also fills your stomach so you don’t need to eat more calories or eat snacks.
  • It prevents you from eating frequently.

Choose correct cooking

  • Noticing how much calories or food you are consuming is important but also takes care of the cooking method.
  • Recipes made with frying contain more calories.
  • Eat recipes made by using steaming, grilling.

Less sodium

  • Avoid highly sodium foods like a pickle, canned foods.
  • These foods have high sodium which causes retention of water and makes us bloated.
  • Eating a high amount of sodium is also harmful to blood pressure.

Consuming more fiber

  • Eating fiber prevents us from overeating which prevents us from being overweight.
  • According to studies it is found that we take fiber less than what we should take.
  • These fibers also provide us with enough energy.

One vegetable day

  • Eat only vegetables in any one day of the week and eat until you feel hungry.
  • You can eat boiled vegetables like boiled corn also.
  • Eating only vegetables is the best idea.

Replace artificial sugar with healthy

  • Avoid taking artificial sugar like chocolates instead of them consume natural ones like fruits.
  • In morning use honey instead of sugar.
  • Eat healthy and natural sugars like vegetables, fruits like strawberries.

By following these above 8 changes you can easily lose your weight within 1 week. These changes are simple as well as effective and you don’t require much discipline to follow them.

CONCLUSION: It is not possible for everyone to take time for exercise for their busy schedule or they don’t have so much willpower or interest for exercise. So it is also possible to lose weight at home with some simple changes.

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