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Fad Diets - What They Are Really Doing To Your

Fad Diets – What They Are Really Doing To Your Body

To stay healthy, our body requires proper amount of nutrients. Deficiency of any of the nutrient can inbred different types of diseases. No person wants to spare a life on diseases. Do you? Of course not.  Health consciousness should grow in you. But consciousness does not mean that you have to eat less. A fad diet regime would not make you grow healthy. Instead it can lead you to many more pessimisms. Weight loss plans instigate you to hire up a fad diet which in other ways harm your system. In this blog we will discuss about what is an outrageous Fad diet and what they are really doing to your body. Read the blog to know more about what is good for your body and what is not.

What is a Fad Diet?

The appellation fad diet or food fad originally refers to idiosyncratic diets and some eating patterns and regimes that promote weight loss which are generally short-term and usually has no concern with long-term weight maintenance regime. Fad diet let you enjoy temporary popularity for a short period of time. A fad diet is an eating regime that focuses on a particular food or food group. They are often endorsed by celebrities or medical professionals. This diet concerns with a weight loss plan. It promises some dramatic results but may or may not take place. You are generally brainwashed to take up a fad diet regime. These diets never result in long-term or permanent weight loss. These are usually not very good for your health. In fact, some of these diet plans are actually more dangerous than obesity.

Some Fad diet regimes:

  • The 4 hour body
  • 5:2 diet
  • Detox diet
  • Cabbage soup diet
  • Lemon detox diet
  • No carbohydrate diet
  • Dr. Atkin’s new diet solution
  • Sugar diet
  • Liquid diets like Cambridge diet, Slim Fast diet
  • Dr. Bean Ornish diet regime
  • Sugar busters
  • The zone diet
  • SUzzane Somer’s somerzising
  • Macrobiotics
  • Mayo clinic diet plan
  • The pritikin’s principle

These are some of the diet names which are later categorized into different types like Carbohydrate control diet, Liquid diet, Low fat diet, Controlled portion sized diet, Food combining diets, diet pills and herbal recipes. Out of all these, the most dangerous are the diet pills and herbal rescues. Diet pills are said to work as supplement of food to your body. Metabolic 365, Hydroxycut, Dexatrim Naturals are the commonly available diet pills. They harm your body to highest level.

The diet world is full of deceits and vague plans. For example- there are a number of diet plan running under the subtitle of Mayo clinic. But none were their creation. The only diet plan that was created by Mayo Clinic was “The Mayo Clinic Healthy Pyramid Plan’. Other plans are just deceits.

Now you must be thinking if fad diets does not work then why are they so famous and cost so much and why they are not banned? Your answer is here.

We all desire for a perfect attractive figure. Sometimes our desire reach to such level that we even do not hesitate to compromise with our health. At time being slim and attractive becomes the prospect of our life. Eventually we try finding shortcuts to good figure. And then comes the fad diets as a shortcut to good figure.  Fad diet regimes come with a promise to give a healthy, slim and attractive figure in just few days and we believe those promises. How can a diet plan give you perfect figure in just few days when you are already trying to lose some weight for years and could not make through? Companies providing fad diet take advantage of this mentality. These diets are not permanent and long term. They are famous because quick results but short-term results. Food combination of such diets lets you consume fewer calories. Most of the weight loss occurs through lean muscles and water and not from real fats.  As these diets shows some temporary short term results in a very short time, they are famous because we compromise with our health.

Reasons why you should avoid Fad Diets:

  • Fad Diets are responsible for nutritional deficiency. Fad diets do not supply efficient amount of nutrients to your body and deficiency of these nutrients is the beginning of your suffering. Natural Vitamins, fats, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates that you acquire from normal balanced diet are important to your body. Compromising with these nutrients will lead you to danger.
  • Would you like to start a hair loss program for your body because you want to lose weight? Of course not. Fad diet leads to deficiency of proteins which can hamper your hair growth, giving a kick start to hair loss. Even your nails become brittle to break. Your skin will lose its shine and develop black patches and dark circles under your eyes.
  • Fad diets not only hamper your nutritional intake but also hampers normal metabolism. Eating lesser amount of food performs slow metabolism. Thus your body will hold on to the fewer calories you eat and store them deep within. By the time you will come out of the fad regime and start eating normal, your body will release will fat resulting in weight gain.
  • Muscle fats take equal time to burn as other fats. Fad regimes promise you no exercise regime. Hence these diets leave you malnutrition.  Muscle fats weigh more than fats. On a fad diet regime, most fat that burns are lean muscle fats and water, thus putting off your weight.
  • Fad diets on pill? Way more dangerous.  Why? Most of them contain caffeine and other chemicals which kicks off your appetite and slower the heart rate. Keeping your stomach empty can never be a good diet. Moreover it leads to heart failure and other diseases.
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