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Easy and Delicious Protein Packed Foods

Health is the most important factor of our life. When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, it is crucial to eat nutritious food. When we look at the nutrient ‘Protein’ immediately, the pictures of muscular bodybuilders or bulky movie stars come to our mind, isn’t it ? We usually think that the foods packed with protein, are a must for those looking to build their body, muscles etc. This clearly states are ignorance towards the potential of  this nutrient called protein.

This beneficial nutrient is essential for our survival. It helps the cells in our body to perform their functions accurately. Moreover, the lack of it would mean increase in infection as it facilitates in boosting our immune system. Also, the deficiency of proteins would hamper our mental growth. Proteins not only facilitate in maintaining our blood sugar level but  are  also helpful in controlling our food cravings.

Perhaps, that is the reason why we should all include proteins in our diet and not discard it.Nevertheless,it is crucial to consume this nutrient in accordance to  the fitness goals of our body. So,let us first understand this healthy nutrient.

What are Proteins made up of?

Proteins are defined as large molecules comprising of amino acids. The amino acids are responsible for the structure, function, and regulation of our body’s  cells.

Proteins are also termed as the building blocks of life. Each and  every cell in our  body comprises of  proteins. This nutrient is an essential part of our tissues, organs muscles as well as our immune system .Proteins are used to make hemoglobin, build cardiac muscle, carry out transportation of nutrients and to maintain fluid balance in the blood.

Besides being a significant part of our tissue system, protein is also a key ingredient in aiding weight loss and also muscle building. With so many health benefits, it is not at all surprising to be looking out for best protein packed foods you can easily consume.

You may be surprised to know, that vegetables are the best sources of proteins. So, let us take a look at the vegetables laden with this essential nutrient.

Let us look at Some of the Protein packed veggies

1. Peas

Each half-cup  of peas comprises three and a half grams of protein.

2. Asparagus

Each cup of asparagus contains approximately  five grams of protein

3. Broccoli

Each cup of broccoli contains about  five grams of protein.

4. Spinach

Each half-cup of spinach comprises of three grams of protein

5. Brussels

Each half cup of brussels sprouts contains two grams of protein.

6. Lentils

Lentils are a rich  and  an affordable source of proteins. One cup of lentils can provide you with eighteen grams of protein. Furthermore, lentils also assist in controlling  blood  sugar levels which in turn helps in curbing food cravings.

7. Beans

Regardless, of what type of beans you prefer black, white, garbanzo, pinto beans or kidney, beans, you are sure to get in each cup twelve to fourteen grams of proteins subsequent to cooking.

8. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are loaded with calcium, fiber. Although the protein content is four grams in a single cup, they are highly beneficial to the body. Besides, chia seeds lack flavor, so they can be added to almost any food item.

9. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin is on almost everybody’s list of favorite fruits. However, are you aware of the health benefits of Pumpkin seeds? One ounce of these seeds comprises of almost nine grams of protein, can you believe it? Don’t you think the rich protein content   surely

Makes them a fabulous addition to our breakfast table?

10. Quinoa

It is a not at all surprising, that quinoa forms a crucial part of all vegan diet. One cup contains eight grams of proteins. Moreover, it is completely gluten free and a rich source of all the vital nutrients.

Nevertheless, quinoa comprises of all the nine significant amino acids and therefore it is thought to be a comprehensive protein source. As per study, quinoa is also considered to be a perfect food for NASA’S  long spell space flights due to its superior protein to carbohydrate ratio.

11. Edamame

Edamame  also called as soybeans. It  is another protein loaded bean which is a must on everyone’s platter these days. In a single cup of edamame you can get seventeen grams of proteins.No wonder, it is called the superfood.

By now ,you must have got the idea that vegetables can give your body adequate protein supply. So, next time including some protein packed veggies in your shopping list instead of protein shakes would definitely be a healthy idea.

What does a protein packed dinner comprise of

The key to healthy lifestyle is having good food for dinner. So, what are the best sources of proteins to have a protein packed dinner?

 1. Salad made up of beans, chives and bacon

The salad is an extremely easy to make and highly nutritious food. It comprises of five grams of Proteins and only five mg of Cholesterol.


Make the bacon crispy in a skillet over medium heat. Once completed, crush and cover it and set it aside. Mix the beans, oil, vinegar, mustard together and to this mixture add half teaspoon of salt and pepper. Place this mixture in the refrigerator for about eight hours. Before serving it , garnish it with  bacon and chives.

 2. Spinach Enchiladas and slow-Cooker Bean

Enchiladas may perhaps sound quite complicated and time consuming to make. However, we have found an easier version of the same recipe. Besides, enchiladas comprises of twenty eight grams of Proteins, which is a huge amount. So, let us get started with this nutritious recipe.


In a mixing bowl, crush half amount of the beans. To this mixture, add cumin, corn and a cup of Cheddar cheese and half teaspoon of salt, pepper and the remaining beans. Cover it and let it cook for three hours on a slow flame. Prior to serving it, season it with radish, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, lime juice and half teaspoon of pepper and salt .Then, add the enchiladas and drizzle some scallions on it.

3. Baked Thai Salmon

Baked Thai Salmon is a high value nutritious recipe. It is a tasty and  easy to make  protein packed dinner. It contains about forty-five grams of proteins. Let us find out how to make this recipe.


Place the  salmon fillets  in  a  row in a big baking dish.Drizzle a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of chilli sauce on each fillet. Gently rub the sauce with your fingers to coat the  fish evenly on  all sides. Cover it up  and refrigerate it for  about 2 hours. Preheat the oven and then place the salmon fillet for about eight minutes. Take it out from the oven and again gently pour around two tablespoon of chilli sauce over them. Garnish them with onions  and serve it with brown rice.

What are the best protein packed foods?

best protein packed foods

It is essential to increase the intake of proteins, if you wish to be in better shape and have a healthy lifestyle.Below is given  a list of best protein packed foods, that you must include in your meal to decrease the glycemic index of the  food.

1. Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is not only effective in satisfying your taste factor but is also  good  for your body.It not only  a rich source  of proteins but also contains low amount of bad cholesterol.The chicken breast is a perfect choice  as it is white meat. You can grill, broil chicken breast and season it with spices, herbs , sauce etc. You can eat it in your meal or include it in your salad or soup. It can add both taste and health to your diet.

2. Nuts

Nuts are a health beneficial gift of nature. They are fully loaded with energy laden nutrients . No wonder they are called as powerhouses of energy.

Right from walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts,cashews,   pecans to almonds, all are strong sources of proteins  especially for vegans. You can add chopped nuts to almost anything right from cakes, to ice creams, to salads and to  even yoghurt.You can include these powerhouses of energy in your diet to increase you protein intake, that too, without comporomising on your taste quotient.

3. Seeds

Seeds are the best protein packed foods as they  are  a low cost solution to your protein needs.Right from sesame  to sunflower seed you can toss them over your burger and increase the health quotient of your food.

4. Ground Turkey

The best part about ground turkey is that it has high amount of protein and low calories.  It perfectly supplies the daily requirements of selenium, vitamins, and B-complex of our body.

It also a healthy and a delectable way to consume protein. Besides, it can be easily cooked and can transform any ordinary recipe into a divine one due to its awesome taste and flavor. It is a health beneficial substitution for ground beef as it does not contain high amounts of cholesterol. You can make meatballs or include turkey in your burgers or simply spice it up with herbs or chilli sauce and it is ready to eat. You will fall in love with the taste and admire the health benefits associated with this lean form of meat.

5. Pork

On our quest to unearth the best protein packed food, Pork is an ideal choice. Most underestimate the value of Pork in serving as a healthy food. Pork is an excellent source of proteins. It is also high in Vitamins especially riboflavin, vitamin B-6, niacin and thiamin. You can easily fulfill your health goal with pork recipes. Pork dishes are easy to make and are also less time consuming. You can simply boil or grill pork and add some herbs to it . Alternatively, you can also use pork in your salads or roast it for dinner.

6. Dairy products

Dairy products are one of the most economical sources of proteins. They are nutrient-rich and make healthy diet simple to consume. Yoghurt, cheese , milk etc comprise of the most significant nutrients like protein, potassium vitamins A, D , B12, calcium and  phosphorus, Along with providing healthy benefits to our body they also decrease the  chances of chronic diseases.

7. Eggs and Fish.

Eggs and Fish are one of the most richest sources of proteins. Eggs comprise of approximately six grams of good quality protein. It is a comprehensive food and is easy to cook and prepare a delicious and nutritious recipe.

Fish also contain high amount of omega 3 fatty acids and low amounts of carbs. Omega 3 fatty acids are good for our health and reduce the risk of heart diseases. Fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, perch, cod, halibut, haddock and flounder have nineteen to twenty -six grams of protein.

What are protein packed snacks?

Now, let us look at some easy to make protein packed snacks which you can quickly prepare and consume on before you leave for work.

1. Milk and Chia seeds.

As we all know, chia seeds are rich in proteins. Milk and chia seeds is an excellent health drink which you can easily prepare. You just have to soak chia seeds for an hour and then add it to cold milk. This drink will not only provide you proteins but also increase your calcium content as well as fiber content.

2. Yoghurt and Almond delicacy

This is one of the easiest protein packed snacks to make besides being tasty. You just have to blend in yogurt, honey and almonds and then refrigerate the mixture for half an hour. It is delectable to eat and also gives a refreshing feeling after a hard day of work. Moreover, it also boosts your protein intake as both almond and yoghurt contain excellent amount of proteins



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