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DASH Diet: Is It Really Good for Your Body

With so much of work pressure and time moving in lead to us, we have no time to spare. We always crave for shortcuts to everything- shortcuts to work, shortcuts to eating, shortcuts to sleep, even shortcuts to weight loss without knowing the consequences of what they can do to our body. With all of the diseases discovered by medical science, half of them occur due to our carelessness. We ourselves are responsible for such diseases. And once we are a victim of any disease, we totally rely upon, medication but do not perform any exercise to cure it. Similarly obesity is one of those diseases. Obesity happens due to weight gain and over consumption of food. Not healthy food but processed and artificial food. We do not time to cook something good for ourselves so we completely depend on fast foods, junk foods, processed food and artificial drinks. So we gain weight and then we try to lose weight. How? With fast and easy methods. One of the methods is dash diets which show short term results in less time. So we are instigated by these types of diets. But dash diet harms our body to extreme level. Read this blog to know how these diets harms our body.

Dash diet is an approach to better health which encourages to eat sodium in diet and also some other nutrients. While the DASH diet was originally developed as an eating style to help lower blood pressure, it has been found to be a fabulous plan for weight loss. Dash diets have proved facts that it loses weight and also control blood pressure level. But nothing is perfect and so is not dash diet. Here are some flaws which are dangerous when you are on a dash diet.

Meals to be eaten during Dash Diet:

There are some planned meals which are supposed to be eaten during a dash diet. If you have hypertension problem and willing to start a dash diet regime. Don’t panic. Here are some dash diet meals for you that will lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Eat grains. Whole Grains generally have low fat, high dietary fibers and many other essential nutrients. Brown rice, quinoa, whole white pasta and brown breads are some recommended grains to be consumed.
  • Vegetables are good option but avoid salt to them. Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and other leafy vegetables can be eaten but only without sodium salt.
  • Eat fruits as snacks. Avoid packed fruit juices and canned fruits. Rely on only fresh fruits. Fruits are low in fat and really healthy for your body’s operating system.
  • If you live dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt etc you can have them once in a week but better to avoid them because they are high in fat. If you want to have them still, choose products are fat free or at least have less fat content in them.
  • Avoid alcohol as much as you can because alcohol tends to push up blood pressure level.

What is dash diet doing to your body? :

Here are some facts which will prove you what dash diet is doing to your body.

  • The main aim of dash diet is to control blood pressure level and check on hypertension activities.
  • Apart from maintaining blood pressure level, it has been found out that Dash diets are also useful in reducing heart attacks chances. People on a dash diet regime were found to be lesser victim of heart attacks than others who were on normal diet.
  • Dash diet meals kicks out fat products from your plate. It is also effective to reduce excessive weight from your body.
  • It increases blood circulation in your body.
  • Dash diet also keeps your mood swings in control. You always stay happy and in mood to perform all your works when you are on a dash diet. You actually feel light hearted.

Dash diet side effects were found to be negligible, though eliminating all fats from your plate can cause weakness but then Dash Diet recommends lowering your fat intake, not to eliminate them. Hence Dash diet is a wonderful way towards an epoch to good health.

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