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Superfoods for Weight loss

9 Superfoods that Help Shed Pounds

The quest for the ultimate weight-loss techniques isn’t new, but those strict diets are not the cup of tea for many. Some plans can be tough on your cravings while others can even be dangerous for your health. So what can be a simple yet beneficial method to lose weight? Well, did you know that by altering certain foods in your meal plans you can lose considerable weight! Like some foods can increase your appetite others can help you eat less thereby melt those extra pounds. Are you wondering what these foods are? Well here is a list of 10 weight-loss friendly superfoods that are also beneficial for your health:


Oatmeal is an item that you must add to your breakfasts to help shed those extra pounds. The foods we begin our day with play a crucial role in influencing what we eat throughout the day. Research has revealed that people who ate oats for breakfast consumed fewer calories at lunch than those who had cornflakes. It is because oats contain complex carbs and are far more nutritious than the refined cornflakes. Ensure that you pick the plain rolled oats or the instant ones; the pre-packaged varieties may have a higher number of calories. However, you can add your twist to it by mixing in fruits such as apples, pears, blueberries, etc.


These tiny seeds are a nutritional powerhouse rich in omega 3 fatty acids, lignans and fiber. Each teaspoon of the seed contains 0.9 g of fiber and 1.8 grams of omega 3s. Due to the considerably high fiber content, they boost satiety and keep you feeling full for longer times. Flaxseed also contains lignans which may help lower bad cholesterol and reduce inflammation. They play a significant role in treating hormonal imbalances in women, and the omega 3s can prevent obesity. An added benefit is the usage flexibility, from your daily breakfast to salads, and smoothies, flaxseed can become a part of any of your meals.


You must have heard of the famous “Grapefruit Diet” but just adding grapefruit to your regular meals can also influence weight-loss. It is because grapefruit contains a compound nootkatone which activates AMPK thereby boosting metabolism and helping burn a higher number of calories. Grapefruit juice can also prevent obesity hence it is used in many body detox plans, but the fresh fruit has much more benefits. Consuming half a grapefruit before mealtime can improve insulin resistance while promoting the loss of pounds.

Kidney Beans

There is a common misunderstanding among people that kidney beans may lead to weight gain. Well, it isn’t true, some varieties of legumes do have high caloric content, but the red kidney beans are the healthy ones with less fat and carbs. They contain protein and fiber which keep you feeling full and help you reduce your caloric intake. Fiber is also beneficial for your digestive health, but eata small portion or else you may feel bloated.


Spinach, kale, collard greens, broccoli and other members of the family of leafy greens are significant for weight-loss. They do contain a high amount of fiber but are also low in calories and dense in nutrients. Thus adding spinach will increase the volume of your meals without contributing much to the caloric content. If you think that the usage of spinach is restricted to salads or smoothies you are wrong. Get creative with the healthy vegetable; you can make spinach frittata, a spinach dip with low-fat cream cheese or spinach cannelloni.


Among the fruits that contain the highest content of monosaturated fat, avocado is a nutrition powerhouse. Owing to this high content of fat avocado can elevate HDL (the good) and reduce LDL (the bad) cholesterol. Adding avocado oil to your diet can reduce and even prevent belly fat. The oleic acid in the fruit also helps get rid of those hunger pangs making it easier for you to accomplish your weight goals. Another benefit of the fruit is its ability to support the absorption of carotenoids (compounds that provide protective health benefits) and the conversion of beta-carotene to vitamin A.


Pumpkin is among the vegetables that are loaded with fiber and beta-carotene. One cup of boiled fresh pumpkin consists about 2.7g of fiber. The advantage of the nutrient is that it decreases the rate at which sugar is absorbed in the blood, aids digestion and reduces hunger. It also controls the uncontrollable cravings and keeps you feeling full after meals promoting weight loss.

Green Tea

You may have heard about green tea in many diet plans; it is due to the immense benefits it has for weight loss. The tea is rich in caffeine and catechins which increase your metabolic rate helping you burn a higher number of calories. It also increases fat oxidation to prevent obesity and can improve insulin sensitivity. The catechins may also stop the oxidative damage caused to the cells thereby protecting against various cancers. The usual amount of green tea consumed is up to 3 times a day; you can add milk or lemon to the tea as well.

Dark Chocolate

Better than your usual sugar-filled candies, dark chocolate is a healthy treat that has plenty of health benefits. It contains a considerable amount of fiber that can reduce your hunger. Research reveals that it can also help lower cortisol levels which otherwise make you feel hungry. It contains many essential nutrients such as iron, magnesium & copper and is rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavanols, and catechins. It can also assist in increasing HDL cholesterol, lower blood pressure and the risk for heart diseases.

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