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7 Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas to Help You Power Through All The Day

7 Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas to Help You Power Through All The Day

Like breakfast, lunch is also an important meal of the day. IT is the only heavy meal of the day. Most of us tend to miss our lunch due to constant work pressure. Sometimes we even forget that the break of one hour during those hard working office hours is lunch time.  We keep on running all day. Other people, especially students, stay awake late at night and thus wake up late in the morning. Sometimes it is so late that it is not even morning any more.

That is the time, they already missed their breakfast and lunch time is almost there. But we are so lazy. We get up late, have no time to eat and just move out of our room to complete our unfinished works of the day. And if we feel hungry, we end up eating some junk food from the nearest food stall or some processed food. That is exactly what you should not do to your body. We work and earn so that we can live a healthy lifestyle. Then why compromising with your health? Always treat yourself with good and healthy lunch let how busy you are. This article is all about some healthy lunch ideas that will help your gain power for rest of the day. Read the blog to get some new and tasty ideas for lunch.

1. Monday lunch:

Monday is here and you are still in the weekend hangover. But you need to get back to your normal lifestyle with all those office works and projects. Isn’t it boring? Of course it is. But we also have no other option. This is the time you need some kick start power to start your work. Make some delicious lunch for yourself to start your week.

Take a clean bowl. Boil some Chicken or make some meat balls. Cut some lettuce, cucumber, beets, and carrots. Add them all in your bowl with some non fatty cheese and salt to taste. This healthy green salad lunch will check on your calorie intake. Moreover, you have had enough caloriegenic food and alcohol during weekend. So, now it’s time to maintain you’re healthy. This lunch with some yogurt is as healthy as tasty and perfect for your Monday lunch.

2. Tuesday lunch:

It is Tuesday and you are already assigned with your project. So obviously you do not have much time to eat or prepare something tasty for yourself. Here is what you can have in your Tuesday lunch.

Boil some noodles with salt and edible oil, may be olive oil because it contains less amount of cholesterol. Add some vegetables to it as per your liking. Drain down the way and fry it in a pan with the vegetables, some salt, little tomato ketchup and schezwan sauce will just be a cherry on top.  It is easy to make and easier to eat. It will take you minimal time to prepare yourself some good and healthy lunch.

3. Wednesday lunch:

So, now you are totally engrossed in your assigned job and running all day. Just like Tuesday, Wednesday will be another busy and monotonous life for you. Then make some tasty and yummy food to bring some change in your monotonous day.

Hi fi if you are a non vegetarian. Prepare yourself a giant healthy lunch box. Here are some recipes that you can include in your meal box.

  • A pair of club sandwich made with brown bread, some salmon or chicken and some raw vegetables with sauce to taste.
  • Two pieces of fried chicken or meat balls and a dip to taste.
  • A glass of smoothie or a hot beverage like coffee or green tea.
  • And do not forget some French fries or other potato fries especially made at home another processed.

This is an excellent meal box to serve your appetite in a Wednesday afternoon.

4. Thursday lunch:

Love Italian? Well it is Thursday and your deadline is here and obviously you have less time to eat or make yourself some food. Here is an idea. If you don’t have time to eat, order something good and healthy. While you are working at your office to complete your assignment, let the delivery boy bring you some tasty food. You can order some pasta and light drink to eat in lunch. It is easy to eat yet tasty and healthy and will obviously keep you powered for rest of the day.

5.  Friday lunch:

It is already Friday and almost the end of the week. You must be very energized by now because weekend is here and you have some weekend bash ready for you. So have something light and low calorie food in Friday lunch. Already you will have enough of them in weekends. Treat yourself a plate of chicken salad, or egg dishes or some vegetable salad with mushrooms if you are a veggie. Easy to make and easily to eat, this food is as healthy as fat free.

6. Weekend lunch:

You have had enough during the week. Weekend is all up to you. Eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want. But avoid beer since it contains a lot of calorie. Take a little care of your health and enjoy your weekend with load of fun and food.

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