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7 Best Effective Methods To Cure a Hangover

7 Best Effective Methods To Cure a Hangover

Fun is partying hard Saturday night. It is not at all done waking up with a bad headache and drowsiness in the morning after drinking and partying hard. The only way to avoid headache and pondering in the morning is to drink sufficient amount of water to hydrate your body. Hydration will help you to cop up with drowsiness and leave you fresh. But that will take time. We need remedies which are as quick as effective. Here are some remedies which will help you to cure a bad hangover in the morning. Read the blog to know more about it.

Effective remedies to cure hangover:

1. Immediate relief method: re-hydrate your body:

The best way to cure a hangover is to rehydrate your body. Drink enough water. In addition, you can also drink coconut water or any other sports drink which contains high amount of electrolytes. Hangover results in bad headache and body ache. A low power pain relief can help you cop up with headache. But avoid coffee or any other caffeinated drinks. Generally we stay in a conception that caffeine can wake us up. But with lots of alcohol in your stomach, coffee will just make things worse for you. You can also try ginger. Have some ginger water because ginger helps to calm your stomach.

2. Take a pain killer:

Pain killer can help you to cop up with the headache. But always try to keep pain killers a last option. Because both pain killers and alcohol are bad for livers. So do not harm your liver any more. Take one dose of pain killer, if it does not help in few hours do not go on taking other doses. Try other ways to cure your hangover.

3. Natural remedy:

Eating potato and milk is a natural remedy to cure hangover. Drinking too much alcohol gives away all potassium and calcium from your body. Milk will supply you the required calcium to your body. Milk is an excellent source of these minerals which is even better than bananas or pills. Pick some up from a market on the way home from your night out so you will have them ready to nibble on in the morning.

4. Ginger tea is another remedy:

Ginger calms down your stomach.  Ginger helps alleviate nausea due to hangovers and motion sickness. To make ginger tea, cut up ginger root and boil it in water.

5. Citrus consumption: 

Lemon is a good remedy to handover. Have a class of water with lemon juice and some honey to taste. This method will definitely cure your hangover.

6. Snacks and toast:

Normally when blood sugar levels dip, your liver reacts by producing more glucose from stored carbs. But if you have been drinking too much, your liver is busy metabolizing the alcohol and cannot handle the extra work, so your blood sugar levels stay down, and you can feel irritable and tired. Try some snacks and toast. When nothing can hold on to your stomach, eat some toasts. Because keeping your stomach empty can never cure a hangover.

7. No more alcohol:

More alcohol will not cure help you to hangover. Most of us stay in a misconception that after a hangover, more alcohol will help to cure the hangover. But it is wrong. Avoid alcohol till you are totally out of your hangover state.

These are some remedies which are effective enough to cure hangover. Party hard. Enjoy harder. But then do not compromise with your health. Keep these remedies ready so that you can find them easily in the morning you wake up with a hangover.

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