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23 Important Weight Loss Tips That You Must Know

These tricks and tips are all as regards loss of weight and they have the potency to make you achieve your weight loss goals provided you follow them.

Logging miles might be your basic weapon of mass deduction, but these weight loss shortcuts, tricks and tips will sure help you to win the battle of the bulge:


  1. Keep a tap on the scales

In the research that was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, potential waistline trimmers who measured their weight by themselves every morning, they lost an average of 9.2kg over a period of six months, in comparison to an average of 3.1kg for non weighers.

  1. Start on a Monday

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, United States mostly say Monday is the best and most appropriate day to begin a diet. Report co-author Jason Ris says ‘on some certain days, called temporal landmarks, you have an entirely different view of yourself’. ‘You become much more forward-looking.’

  1. Work smartly

The best periods that will make the working day work for the best of your waistline are:

6:30am – Do some minor stretches to keep your lumbar regions limber: Back pains have the tendency to make us more likely to eat uncomfortably, according to scientists.

10am: Stand up – a  study by one University of Iowa discovered that standing for about an extra hour a day could  burn an extra 87kcals.

12:30pm: After noon, ditch caffeinated drinks for H20. A pint of water taken before meal leads to 44 percent greater weight loss found a US research.

1pm – Use your lunch break. A lunch taken at leisure aids weight loss. It was found by a research that eating your protein and veggies 15 mins before your carbohydrates helps you avoid craving-inducing crashes.

  1. Get up early

Set your alarm: You’ve probably heard of early morning fasted runs boosting your r body’s ability to burn fat as fuel in the context of improving endurance. Those exercising before breakfast retained a steady weight, despite being fed 30 per cent more calories over six weeks found a recent Belgian study.

Rise and shine: Taking a run outside between 8am and noon can lower your Body Mass Index (BMI) by up to 20% as found in a study by Northwestern University, US. This is because sunlight resets your circadian rhythms, kick-starting metabolism.

  1. Start with sprints

If your session goal is torching fat, consider this: running at 85% Max Heart Rate (MHR) for 20 mins before dropping it down to 65% will fire your fat-burning potential for the rest of the session, torching 23 percent more calories than adding sprints at the end of the session.

  1. Dial up the effort

Another major reason to ensure the effort is dialed up is because a study that was published in the Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine revealed that high-intensity exercise have the tendency of increasing your levels of irisin which is the hormone that is directly responsible for burning brown fat. And also Add sprints to outpace the pounds.

  1. Cross train

Cross training works in a somewhat different muscle groups to make you a more effective, efficient, injury-resistant runner. It also works by adding motivation-boosting variety and allow you burn some unwanted blubber on your own running rest days. Below are some cross training options you may want to consider in order to really burn the calories:

Punch bag: 8 kcals/min

Calisthenics: 11kcals/min

Rowing: 12.5 kcals/min

Kettlebell: 20 kcals/min

Farmer’s walk: 22 kcals/min

Cycling: 22 kcals/min

  1. Sip milk

Whеn you do ѕtrеngth work in thе gуm, mаkе ѕurе уоu get the fat-burning рауоff аlоng wіth the strength bеnеfіtѕ. Subjесtѕ whо fоllоwеd wеіght training with a glаѕѕ оf mіlk lоѕt dоublе the fаt оvеr 12 wееkѕ соmраrеd wіth thоѕе whо followed a wеіghtѕ ѕеѕѕіоn with аn еnеrgу drink – this wаѕ fоund in a ѕtudу frоm McMaster Unіvеrѕіtу, Cаnаdа.

  1. Don’t overdo the pre-run coffee

A pre-run coffee will boost performance and lower perceived exertion. But go easy because too much caffeine can spike cortisol, telling your body to cling on to fat. Head barista at Fork Deli Patisserie, James Harper, suggests a Guillermo – an espresso poured over lime. With its immunity-boosting vitamin C, its acidic flavonoids also helps digestion. It tastes pretty good too.

  1. Don’t stress about it

Cortisol promotes fat storage, but a study in the American Journal of Medicine and Science found out that laughter demolishes your stores of the lard-packing ‘stress’ hormone.

  1. Have a cuppa

Researchers at Konkuk University in South Korea found that compounds in ginseng tea can increase fat oxidation during the first 20 minutes of exercise, helping your body to access fat cells for fuel more quickly. Planning a morning run? Get the kettle on, have a brew and then get going.

  1. Fight through the desire to give up

Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), also known as the afterburn effect, proves we were meant to run. Simply, it means that your body keeps burning more calories than normal after your workout. With EPOC, the harder you try to push, the stronger and bigger the effect you will get. In the case whereby you want to boost your EPOC potential, according to personal trainer Luke Barnsley, it’s time to push through the pain.

When next you go for a full-on EPOC session, always ensure you make the best decision out of your own volition to keep going even when your body badly needs a respite says Barnsley. The will to stop will become all-consuming however, if you keep breathing and stay focused, you will scale through it. You won’t only be building mental resilience and also training your body to work harder than ever, but by finding the calm in the chaos you’ll drastically increase your work rate.

  1. Fine-tune your pre-bed routine

A routine before bed that ensures you get sufficient shuteye will deliver the dream scenario of burning fat while you doze. ‘Sleep is when our bodies replace our human growth hormone and testosterone – a vital combination when it comes to fighting fat,’ says Barnsley. Here’s your new PB (pre-bed) plan: Eat your last (small) meal of the day. Make the meal a hot one, since the heat of a warm meal is sure going to encourage your body to relax. And likewise include some carbohydrate. Participants who ate a little, carb-heavy snack about 90 minutes before bed time had about 2kg in two months.

60 minutes pre-bed: Desist from drinking (water, that is) will not allow your bladder to wake you up in the night.

30 minutes pre-bed: Set aside 15 minutes for guided meditation, using an app such as Headspace. This will help lower your heart rate and signal your nervous system that the time has come to wind down.

Bed-time: Put your phone on flight mode to stop it lighting up in the night. Do not give in to the urge to check your emails or just leave the phone in another room.

  1. Watch the clock

Consuming your daily calorie intake within an eight-hour window can cut body fat by 15 percent, according to research published in the Journal of Translation Medicine.

  1. Make a Spotify playlist

Restaurants play upbeat music to make us eat fast and order more, according to the director of Oxford University’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory, Dr Charles Spencer. So whenever you are eating your meals at home, stick to the chilled sounds you get in order to keep your loss of weight plans on track.

Also, make sure the music isn’t too loud. A particular research study in Food Quality and Preference revealed that we eat more if we can’t hear oursellves chewing.

  1. Breakfast is the most necessary and vital meal of the day

Israeli scientists found that people who ate bigger breakfasts lost 2.5 times more weight than those who went light.

  1. Ditch the contactless

US researchers at Cornell University found paying by cash instead of card reduces your monthly junk-food orders by 23 percent.

  1. Add some weight

Wearing a weighted vest on your run is strength training by stealth and it can increase your calorie burn by 10%.

  1. Add some spices

If all your virtuous – but, perhaps slightly under-whelming – eating is leaving you gastronomically unfulfilled, turn up the taste and your weight loss with this spice mix from Joe Sexton – the chef behind TV’s Fit In The Kitchen. Concocted from back-of-the cupboard a (make sure they are not out of date, as they lose their punch) it’s packed with blood sugar balancers, anti-inflammatories and metabolism-boosters.

  1. Put Luther on

Movie night? Opt for a horror classic. Westminster University found a heart-pounding night with Jaws burns 161kcals. Watching Quint’s legs get chewed up might just put you off reaching for the Pringles too.

  1. Keep fruit on view

Take care of what’s on view: a study in Health Education Behavior found that people who kept fruit on display weighed less than those who had sugary snacks in sight.

  1. Swap your plates

At Bond University, Australia, a study found that using smaller plates can limit your food intake by 30 percent.

  1. Keep it simple

The inevitable truth is that it’s easier to eat calories than to burn them off, so if you make just one weight loss commitment (asides logging your miles), make it a simple, sustainable adjustment to your diet. The American Medical Association found cutting your daily calories by 200 (a latte, say) will lead you to naturally make other lifestyle changes, helping you to avoid regaining the 71 per cent of lost weight most people put back on after a crash diet.

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