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10 Unhealthy Foods You Have to Avoid Today

10 Unhealthy Foods You Have to Avoid Today

People will be in dilemma before they are going to eat few food items they will feel like whether it is good or bad for health.

Here we are going to discuss about 10 absolutely unhealthy food items.

The people who are willing to lose weight it is mandatory to avoid these foods. Also in this post instead of unhealthy food item another alternative given if possible have it.

1.Drinks which contains more sugar avoid them

1.	Drinks which contains more sugar avoid them

Sugar added drinks are the most avoidable drinks in this generation. Sugary drinks are very harmful to the health. Brain will not consider sugar calories as food.

Consuming of high sugar level drink will cause to non-alcoholic fatty sugar disease. It also linked to type 2 diabetes and heart problems.

Another Choice: Instead of having heavy sugar drinks, drink soda water, normal water, coffee or tea. Few people hate drinking plain water or soda for them add a slice of lemon, it not only increases the taste but also increases the vitamins.

2.Throughout pizzas

Throughout pizzas

Everyone knows this fact pizza is high level junk food. It has more fat ingredients. People think about convenient but it creates more problems.

Its true pizza has great taste and high calories. The dough which is used to made pizza is made from completely refined wheat flour.

Another Choice: Eat homemade pizzas as you select wholesome ingredients. Choose high quality service provided pizza places.

3.Don’t take white bread

Don’t take white bread

Bread is prepared from wheat, it has protein gluten. This is the main reason choosing bread is the bad idea for celiac disease.

However using the top branded breads are not at all healthy because it is made from highly refined wheat, as top branded companies refines the dough more frequently it results less calories and low nutritional values.

Another Choice: Preferring Ezekiel bread will be great option or better to choose whole grain bread than white bread.

4.Avoid taking fruit juice

Avoid taking fruit juice

Consuming more fruit juice is very good for health but it is absolutely wrong.

Majority of fruit juice contains sugary water more than nutritional values. Fruit liquid contains antioxidants and vitamin c, antioxidants increases glucose levels in blood which leads to increase body fat. It is true that sugary juice contains more sugar than diet drinks.

So don’t take fruit juice very frequently.

Another Choice: Better to have pomegranate juice and blueberry juice, these juices contains more nutritional values and less sugar.

5.Don’t prefer Industrial vegetable oils

Don’t prefer Industrial vegetable oils

Day by day people are using more fatty items in food. Compared to last century using of oil is increased drastically. More over consumption of highly refined vegetable oils like canola oil, corn oil and soybean oil utilization is increased rapidly compared to previous years.

This oil contains omega-6 fatty acids, these days using such kind of oils increased more. These are very sensitive to oxidation and which causes to increase oxidative stress in human body. It is also cause to cancer.

Another Choice: Before going to take oils, choose less fat oils like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil or butter.

6.Keep Margarine Away

Keep Margarine Away

Lot of people trusts that using margarine will be better than using butter, but it is absolutely wrong. Margarine tastes and looks like butter, it contains full of artificial ingredients and industrial vegetable oils, those ingredients makes margarine stay more solid, which will be obviously increases fat levels.

There is an option allowed to the manufacturers they can keep the label with “no trans fat” as long as it has <0.5 grams per serving, which is still significant amount.

Another Choice: Use grass-fed cows butter instead of using margarine.

7.Don’t eat cakes and pastries often

Don’t eat cakes and pastries often

Eating cakes and pastries often is very harmful to health. Generally pastries and cakes are made from refined sugar, refined wheat flour and added fats.

Eating this kind of food is not at all good. These food items contain no nutrients but contain high calories and ingredients which are used to made are unhealthy.

Another Choice: Prefer Good branded products will be better, obviously they contains good quality.

8.French fries and Potato chips are harm to health

French fries and Potato chips are harm to health

White potato contains high nutritional values and very good for health but this fact not applies to the products which are made from potato. French fries and potato chips are very easy to eat but it is proved that eating potato chips and French fries will causes to weight gain.

When French fries and potato chips are fried, baked or roasted heavy value of acrylamides, carcinogenic substances will be added, this is the reason for causing weight gain.

Another Choice: While eating junk food take very less quantity or avoid it completely.

9.Avoid eating Gluten free junk food

Avoid eating Gluten free junk food

These days’ people are very serious about gluten free food and most of them are intentionally avoiding taking gluten enabled food. According to the 2013 analysis US people are in front row for avoiding gluten free food.

These days’ people are replacing gluten free food with refined junk food that becomes gluten-free. As gluten free replacement products contains sugar levels high, refined starch and unhealthy refined oils. Taking refined starch will causes to increase glucose level in blood which leads to store fat in liver.

Another Choice: Take natural gluten-free food, like unprocessed plants and animal foods.

10.Less Fat yogurt

Less Fat yogurt

Yogurt is really very good for health it contains very high level nutritional values but the yogurt which is available in grocery store are not good for health. Yogurts which are available in stores are less in fat, but for giving artificial attraction and good taste more sugar will be added to it with lack of fat.

It is better to choose the yogurt which contains probiotic bacteria. After fermentation all the bacteria will be killed that kind of yogurt is not good for health.

Another Choice: It is better to choose full fat yogurt which contains live probiotics.

If you have any better suggestions please feel free and share your valuable information in comments.

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